Morihata Binchotan Charcoal Facial Puff



Made in the Kishu region in Japan, Binchotan charcoal is activated through an extremely high burning temperature and rapid cooling process. Known as the best quality charcoal for purifying water and air, the variety of benefits of Binchotan charcoals can be found in a number of everyday uses. Whether it is used to absorb chemicals in tap water, enhance blood circulation in a hot bath, stimulate healthy soil in the garden, or deflect negative ions in your home, Binchotan charcoal is the natural way to boost overall wellness.
The Binchotan Facial Puff is made from the roots of a pure vegetable fiber called Konjac (edible plant) and micro-fine powder of Binchotan charcoal.  This 100% natural spinge gently exfoliates, cleanses, moisturises, and effectively balances your skin's pH level.  Simply soak it in water for a few minutes and it is ready to use.  The extra fine texture is idea for even the most sensitive skin, as well as baby skin and atopic.  Replace every 2 months.
Made in Japan.  
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