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"sample" products – doing a little good.

"sample" focuses on designs that try to do “a little good”. ”A little good” could be anything; recycling materials, donations, or offering a lifeline to a dying traditional art by providing a constant source of work. Once a year we will turn one or two projects into products. As a designer I will focus on making small changes in the world – through “a little good” design.

- Toshihiko Sakai.  Founder of the “sample” project.

Under_bar iPhone Stand
Hand crafted from hinoki wood, usually used in housing construction - but discarded due to knots in the wood, or the tree not being straight enough to be used as support beams in a house.
The Under_bar is compatible with the iPhone 3 (naked, no case) or the iPhone 4 either with or without an “air jacket” or “bumper”.
Made in Japan.

iPhone3G/3Gs (naked), iPhone4/4s (with or without bumper/air jacket)

Shimanto Hinoki (Shimanto Cypress)


W5cm | D19cm | H4cm

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